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Let Us optimize your process, our research indicates that only 1 in 10 companies can confidently say that their processes are optimized!

That is, that they are operating at the optimum level of Quality, Productivity, Cost, On-Time Delivery and Customer Satisfaction. To overcome these problems (Waste), companies have embarked on Lean and Six Sigma programs for the elimination of waste and the reduction in variation. As remarkable as these tools are, the time in which the transformation is achieved is longer than most organizations are willing or can afford to wait. On average, for those companies that do survive the Lean and Six Sigma journey, according to the experts, it takes around 10 years to achieve the transformation desired.

If you don’t have 10 years and the millions of dollars that it takes to go through this process, we propose a better way.


We are Management Consultants and Process Engineers consulting in all areas of Quality, Productivity, Cost Control and Customer Satisfaction with over 35 years’ experience in implementing all areas of Process Optimization including Lean and Six Sigma principles to the design and improvement of processes.


Process Engineers with a long experience implementing Lean and Sigma principles to the design and improvement of processes.