PEAK specializes in World Class Systems Development and Implementation, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Supplier Management, Lean/ Six Sigma, Employee Development and Performance Enhancement in an extensive array of service and industry sectors. We are Turn Around Experts having consulted for Fortune 100 companies such as Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Johnson and Johnson, Kraft Foods, McCormick and Company – the world’s largest spice producer, Boeing Aircraft, Raytheon Technologies and many others.

Our services are delivered in a variety of methods to suit the needs of the customer. These methods include Assessments, In-House Training, Coaching, and Consulting. Although the most successful, highest ROI, programs are delivered using a combination of all methods, our customers may choose just one type of service or a combination that best suits their needs and capabilities.


Six Sigma
Team Building and Development
Decision Making
Problem Prevention
Situational Leadership and Coaching
Production Systems
Conducting Experiments
Statistical Sampling and Statistical Methods
Supervisory and Management Skills
Strategic Planning
Project Management
Kaizen/Continuous Improvement
Pre Production Quality Assurance
Making Presentations
Stress Management
Lean Enterprise
Problem Solving
Plan Analysis
Sales and Negotiations
Conflict Resolution
High-Performance Workplace
Statistical Process Control
ISO Auditing
Concurrent Engineering
Personalities in the Workplace
Methods Analysis
Negotiating Skills
Time Management